Bhagawad Gita II.43

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Bhagawad Gita II.43

कामात्मानः स्वर्गपरा जन्मकर्मफलप्रदाम् ।

क्रियाविशेषबहुलां भोगैश्वर्यगतिं प्रति ॥

kāmātmānaḥ svargaparā janmakarmaphalapradām,

kriyāviśeṣabahulāṃ bhogaiśvaryagatiṃ prati.

BG 2.43

This flowery word which they declare who have not clear discernment, devoted to the creed of the Veda, whose creed is that there is nothing else, souls of desire, seekers of Paradise, — it gives the fruits of the works of birth, it is multifarious with specialities of rites, it is directed to enjoyment and lordship as its goal.

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