A short answer to the Geertzes

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A short answer to the Geertzes

Jawaban singkat untuk Geertze

Since Clifford Geertz has taken offense that I left Hildred Geertz nearly un- mentioned, I apologise.

For the rest the matter has become somewhat difficult. In point 1 my objection was directed to the suggestion that 'only since the Revolution they (= the Balinese) had been permitted to see such writings, that in the colonial period the upper castes prevented their dissemination altogether'. I pointed to the foundation (1928) of a library of palmleaf MSS annex reading room, in my days (1939-41) permanently used by ordinary Balinese visitors, interested in favourable dates, effective medicine, genealogies, formulas for all kinds of purposes, poems to be sung at several occasions, etc. etc. This is a fact. A pity that it had not perspired to the Geertzes' informants ; one can never be careful enough with them.

I pointed to the fact that members of the upper castes served as the foundation's local curators or consuls in ten different places, so that the 'secrecy' is nonsense. I might have added that this foundation, apart from a periodical and book publications in Dutch, during several years published the periodical Bhawa-nagara in Balinese and Malay, dealing with Balinese literature, religion, culture.

When now one looks at what Geertz has to say, then looks at what he suggested in 1964 and my rectification, one can state that from possible ignorance he has proceeded to positive ignoring.

This trend of thinking, the unacademic choice of words and release of feelings make a further discussion inadvisable.

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