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ATS Bali
Aji Tapak Sesontengan

There may be a few billion multiples of blood that flows in us. The main is our DNA or genetics. From now until back to the ancient one. Not only from our father and our mother. So it called rank to infinity. But fundamental is the closest and very close. Our Mom and Dad. Nobody can deny that we are half of our mother and half of our father. The Unification from our Mom and our Dad created a new life, us.

New life is what brought the knowledge of the Ancient. The knowledge is very simple but has a very powerful use. One of them that we are developing at the moment. to get back into a Primitive methods of healing that’s very simple but has a very fast healing power. This method we called Aji Tapak Sesontengan, a healing method from ancient Indonesia

What and how is this Aji Tapak Sesontengan.

  • Aji = knowledge
  • Tapak = footprint
  • Sesontengan = honest words, sincere prayer

And what’s the connection with Healing?

In the ancient time "Human HEAL the sick without hurting other creatures" both plant and animal. Humans use its power to the fullest. Therefore the healing method of Aji Tapak Sesontengan is “Belog Polos” sincere and honest act, communication with the illness or pain.

This method:

  1. Not using any specific breathing techniques
  2. No need of meditation
  3. No leads to specific religion
  4. Not using any prana or other energy work technique
  5. No need further training
  6. Not use any tools beyond self
  7. Heal without hurting other creature or anything else.

For those who want to get ATS activation (initiation) to become practitioner (term and condition applied), consultation or healing touch, please WA 081238323118