The Dangi Ramakatha: An Epic acculturated?

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Fieldwork Report:

The Dangi Ramakatha: An Epic acculturated?

Indian Folklore Research Journal, Vol.3, No.6, 2006: 13–37


The adoption of the pan-Indian epic of Ramayana by the Dangi tribal community is the focal point of this research paper. The bards of Kunkana community of the Dang district in Gujarat narrate the Ramayana in such a way that it becomes a narration of their own social history. Set in a creolized tribal dialect its understanding calls for a special knowledge on the region’s history, inter tribal relations between Kunkanas and Bhils and their bearing on the timber politics of the region. This research paper deals with how the colonial period politics imposed itself on the lives of the tribal people of this region and how they are still struggling to come to terms with it.


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